NAEP’s Global Education Transformation System (GETS) is a comprehensive school improvement model that transforms the way teaching and learning take place.  

It is designed specifically to strengthen, develop, and sustain academic and organizational improvement to the high degree required to accelerate student academic outcomes. GETS RESULTS is a seven element, data-driven process that targets how learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom. 

At every level, the system takes a diagnostic and prescriptive approach to teaching that reveals teacher competencies via data visualization designed to allocate support to teacher and educational leader learning. 

 The targeted results help participants accelerate their professional development in a way that brings rapid improvement in their classroom effectiveness and results. 

Implmenting RESULTS


The White Paper and Pen Approach

Despite the desire for a one size fits all solution, deep down we all know that the cookie cutter solution doesn’t meet the grade. Whether due to time constraints or a lack of available resources, educators often have little choice but to resort to yesterday’s solutions or methods that were designed for a school environment different from their own. This is why NAEP uses the “white paper and pen” approach. 

Whatever your viewpoint, most can agree that each school and classroom situation is unique, and despite the desire to solve the problem quickly and inexpensively, intensive challenges require equally intensive solutions. 


Given the opportunity to employ a solution that promises both immediate and sustainable results, why would anyone accept alternatives offered that would lead to anything less?

We have all seen our share of fads and fixes come and go, and history has shown us that short-term reactive tactics, however well meaning, simply result in short term results.Hand on heart, when it comes to education we all know that the single silver bullet solution does not exist. The truth is that while policy makers struggle to find an answer, a sticking plaster approach leaves schools with the same issues they started with.

There is no single cure all, and although some quick fix solutions may help to fill in the gaps, they have also been shown to demoralize teachers and exacerbate the very issues your district has been trying to resolve. And all the while the gaps in our children’s education continue to grow.

We want to help you change all that.

NAEP believes it is time to take a different approach, one that partners with school Districts and educators and gets beneath the everyday symptoms of struggle and works to shore up, strengthen and solidify the foundations required for effective and lasting change. 

A firm can truly customize only when they can fuse their past experience with research and best practice to meet the real time needs of clients through constantly discerning symptom from cause, and short term fixes from sustainable solutions. 

We would like the opportunity to show you evidence of how our experience can marry to your District’s particular needs to produce the best results, not only in one area but across the board.


It is no secret that dictating a policy and forcing compromise without adequate consultation, or eliciting collaboration, gives rise to uncompromising resistance, distrust and simmering resentment. 

It is also clear this is no way to raise teacher and leader morale, improve performance or ensure the achievement of targeted student growth goals.

Everyone knows that change meets opposition, after all, we are each creatures of habit, and more often than not we stick with what we know whether the habit is productive and effective at producing intended results. When it comes to supporting our schools’ and students’ performance, experience shows that a radical approach is required.

Based on experience, NAEP recognizes that collaboration is the key factor for success.

By working on the ground, and applying our supports respectfully, every school becomes a partner in their own growth and support plan by cooperating to develop, take ownership of and implement their own solutions.

NAEP is proud to be the catalyst and guide change.  Our role is integral in creating the push to develop sustainable momentum that brings and provides for continual growth throughout the change cycle. Unlike ‘one size fits all’ service providers, we mentor and support our schools from inception, all the way to the finish line, and beyond.  In essence, we don’t give over the solutions, we develop the capacity for YOU to develop and/or apply them. 


The objective is always to ensure that the client is able to continue the acceleration of the work once our support program is completed.

Every district wants to feel comfortable that the time and money they invest in developing school leaders, improving educator effectiveness and maximizing student academic outcomes are well spent. 

In the past, many transformation and professional development interventions have simply become the “flavor of the month”. This is an inevitable outcome when change is unsupported or driven by less than precise or realistic school and/or student needs. 



New approaches and processes need time to percolate and become grounded in daily practice before they become an active, effective part of “the work”. Walking away before the seed has taken root always results in a poor harvest.

We guarantee a sound return on investment because our project owners integrate a strategic handover process into our support efforts to empower school leaders and educators to confidently implement the new strategies in our eventual absence. 

 Whether we are working within the framework of a three-year turnaround project or a shorter scope of work, our sustainability process follows a pre-designed transition map from day one.