Mathematics Professional Development

The Common Core State Standards, as well as other current state standards, bring much evolved mathematics proficiency target for students in our schools. The new targets require students to be able to reason mathematically and apply the techniques they have learned in a way that reflects the diversity and experience they will meet in real-life situations.

To help teachers bring real-life relevancy and context into the classroom, NAEP uses its Professional Development Three Tier Model  that demonstrates the types of methodologies, strategies, and resources needed to enhance and align traditional classroom practices. 

The training and coaching that NAEP delivers is designed to support pedagogical challenges posed by today’s more rigorous and contextually-based math standards. This is brought about through constructive discussions, rehearsal, and hands-on experiences. 

In contrast to simply assigning students with procedural calculation problems, our training is specifically designed to advance teaching skills. Our methods result in participants gaining a thorough understanding of, and ability to build, dynamic interactive, performance-based math tasks. 

NAEP’s training experiences are designed to provide today’s mathematics educators with hands-on activities that inspire children to learn. When they are implemented, they are proven to dramatically improve math instruction and enhance student engagement. Results can be seen in the classroom the very next day.